Reliable Geosteering Specialists Around the Clock!

With ever-increasing drilling rates, real-time decisions are critical to your well’s success. At Terra Guidance, we handpick our geosteering specialists based on their proven field experience and geosteering knowledge.

Whether your operation runs traditional bulk gamma, triple combo, or azimuthal image tools, we have the skill sets and software to meet your needs. We work with each of our clients to design customized service packages that fit seamlessly into any drilling program.

We will assign a team of our specialists to follow your projects on a continuous basis. Our dedicated professionals are ready to maximize your production at less than 1 percent of total drilling costs.

Geosteering Expertise You Can Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any geosteering operation, which is why client confidence is central to Terra Guidance’s business philosophy and practice. With today’s drilling rates, wells cannot be steered solely during office hours, and operations geologists cannot be expected to steer wells reliably around the clock in addition to their other job responsibilities. Terra Guidance can offer a range of effective and economical solutions.


Do you prefer someone on-site or need regular samples analyzed? We can provide highly experienced mudlogging crews that come with the cloud support of Terra Guidance’s remote steering teams.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life for our clients and employees starts with a company that embodies our core values of: Mindfulness, Proficient, Humble

Analytical Support

Do you need a second opinion on a data set or would like your old horizontal data re-interpreted? Our staff members have a variety of backgrounds and training. We can provide you the specific skill set you need for all your analytical projects.

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