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A Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Terra Guidance recognizes that each of our clients has unique operational needs and requests. Therefore, we provide multiple levels and types of service to fit your drilling program.


When handled by an experienced team of geologists, geosteering is an effective way to:

• Track and manage real-time data for position reporting
• Continuous monitoring of data quality and rig activity
• Improve drilling efficiencies (maintain higher ROP) with better boreholes for completions
• Increased production over the life of the well
• Eliminate the cost of housing an on-site geologist
• improve rig safety (fewer on-site personnel)

In addition, our geosteering team can advise directly on pre-spud meetings, seismic interpretations, and any other aspect of well placement that you deem necessary.


Remote Geosteering Models

Geological Support

Not ready to let go of geosteering responsibility? Terra Guidance can be your second set of eyes, day and night. By providing confirmation of your interpretations or alternates to consider, we can help you take your personal life back during horizontal operations. We will contact you at critical operational moments, as needed, so that you can make informed drilling decisions around the clock.

Fast Drilling Support

For higher ROPs our fast drilling support model provides more frequent reporting, faster report generation, and rapid target recommendations.

Operational Command

Terra Guidance strives to obtain the highest level of trust from you. Once achieved, we stay in direct communication with your on-site drilling crew, providing target changes as needed, while keeping you in the loop. For high drilling rates and tight target windows, this model streamlines communication to ensure a smooth borehole with maximum target exposure, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

officeIn-House Solutions

If you prefer in-house geosteering, we can supply a team to work out of your office, or we can staff your in-house command center. This operator-driven solution gives you premier access to your dedicated geosteering team, which enhances collaboration and well placement decision-making.


Terra Guidance can provide highly skilled mudloggers on site. Our mudloggers can be deployed to any rig site that provides housing and workspace. Whether you request a one- or two-person team, our mudlogging service comes with Terra Guidance’s network of remote support teams to aid the mudloggers in any capacity.



Terra Guidance’s Horizontal Analysis workflow provides operators with petrophysical properties along their laterals without the time and expense of running open-hole logs.  The analysis provides detailed spatial information of the wellbore in relation to the targeted interval.  These analyses can be utilized for planning completions, reservoir characterization and performance review.


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